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Wed Dec 27, pm Dre - Detox Put it this way: Dr. Dre will dictate the hip-hop soundscape of see No. Regardless, one quick glance at the Doc's history and you're almost bought on the fact detox hives Detox will hit shelves sometime in 'Dre only releases an album every seven years.

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Especially now that his artist-molding days are over. Kanye West - Detox hives Speaking of Mr. West, now that he's conquered sophomore jinx by following up his College Dropout masterpiece with the equally opulent Late Registration, will third time be the charm?

Let's just hope his reputation for generous self-appraisal doesn't precede his, um, Graduation. Common - Finding Forever Following up an excellent album is typically a thorny task.

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Comm's last album, BE, was lauded by critics around the world, not to mention the various accolades he bagged afterwards including four Grammy nominations. With Kanye West steering the production wheel once again, Forever, shows glimpses of another solid entry by Chicago's finest.

Jay-Z swears Budden's album isn't finished.

Someone's definitely lying. Regardless, Joey has managed to keep his buzz alive by unleashing lyrics of fury on mixtape after mixtape, like the detox hives Mood Muzik 2 that had the 'Net going nuts for months. The first single will be produced by Timbaland.

Tratamento para oxiurose ou enterobiose, Papilloma virus uomo esami Metronidazol giardia pozologie Asta iarna cam de pe 23 decembrie am facut o bronsita urata, cu febra, tuse etc, am urmat un tratament cu antibiotice ceclor de 2 g si altele cam pana pe6 ianuarie, am crezut ca nu se mai termina, am schimbat vreo 3 antibiotice. Cu ocazia asta m-am lasat si de fumat, bun, la vreo zile dupa tratament, am inceput sa ma balonez ff tare orice as manca, am arsuri care imi vin pe detox hives de la stomac, mai ales dupaamiaza si noaptea, scaunul la inceput a fost diareic si de ori detox hives zi iar apoi dupa metronidazol giardia pozologie saptamana s-a transformat nici moale nici tare dar se mentine ff urat mirositor si lipicios mentionez ca fac in fiecare zi dimineatagaze am ff multe si urat mirositoare.

Eminem - TBA Em has orchestrated two sub-par albums in the last two years or so. Usually, that means a potential "comeback" is in place.

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The title track was produced by Alchemist. Ferrari to jump-start a feud or two between January and February. The scary part is that 50 has vowed to reveal a 'sensitive thug' side of his image this time.

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The Cool promises even fewer rappers and more Pink Floyd. Little Brother - The Getback Assuming they don't get kicked off Atlantic by summer, North Carolina's most visible hip-hop group will attempt to add another masterwork to their catalog.

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Detox hives - Ultimate Victory Rumor has it that Dr. Now there's an album worth checking for. Expect some holy music from Price this January.

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Saigon - The Greatest Story Never Told Sai Giddy's debut album has been in the works for about four years, but detox hives swears it'll be in stores before the millennium runs out Papoose - The Nacirema Dream No, it's not the rucksack-looking child-carrier. This Papoose is a revered wordsmith from Brooklyn, who likes to slaughter alphabets for fun.

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Let's just hope he saved all the good beats for himself. Eve - Here I Am Just when you thought female rappers were going into extinction, Eve quits her self-titled TV sitcom to reunite with rap.

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